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Today, we live in a community where homelessness and poverty are a great problem. You can look around your local area and you’ll see how evident this social issue is. There are also a lot of people struggling with medical problems coupled with their inability to pay for decent health care. These people end up suffering silently without anyone to turn to. Furthermore, we also face societal issues such domestic violence, racial discrimination, and many others – these issues need our attention and a lot of people need our help.

As a way of giving back, AboveandBeyondDzyns vows to give 10% of its proceeds to charity organizations locally and abroad. By shopping at our online store, you are also giving back and helping people who need it most. Little by little, let us work together to eliminate the social problems that we collectively face so that our future generations will have an improved quality of life.

Besides shopping at our online store, you can also directly donate funds online. Your donation will help us greatly. Key in the amount you want to donate and fill the form with your information and then submit it. Thank you.

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